Cisco GSX - 2010 | JUXT

For the second year of the Cisco GSX Sales conference, JUXT built an online portal for the audience to communicate, engage, and be entertained.

The project featured a number of interactive experiences, and a comprehensive alternate reality game with components spread. Attendees could engage with each other through face to face board games played through their web cams, challenges, and contests. Points were awarded for winning contests, engaging with other attendees, and discovering parts of the alternate reality game "The Hunt". The experience featured 4 instances of the Flash Media Server technology, and had the capacity to handle 17,000 simultaneous users. The project was a massive success, and ensured JUXT's involvement for the following year.

I was responsible for the building the front end portal UI, multiple parts of 'The Hunt' experience, managing a contract development resource, and handling authenticated portions of the client-side application.