Target College Styler | Deutsch LA

Target has a major effort behind the back-to-school timeframe every year. Many students, parents and those buying for kids moving to college, rely on Target for stylish, affordable and fun college accessories.

Deutsch LA envisioned a new kind of tool for prospective college students planning their first dorm room. Heading to college is an uncomfortable time for many college kids. Questions surface like 'What's my roommate going to be like?' and 'how do I do laundry?'. Because of this discomfort, Deutsch designed a new platform for showing college kids how amazing their new environment can be, and help break the ice with their new roommate. Target College Styler is a tool that allows you to connect your social media account, answer some simple quiz questions, and get amazing suggestions for what their space could look like and how they could vibe with their new roommate.

The College Styler platform is a mobile first web application, built using Backbone and a custom Codeigniter implementation. The application pulls in social media content, pulls dominant colors and helps you put together a dorm room that fits your likes, color palette, even how you like to eat breakfast. Using dominant colors from your instagram feed clues the application into what colors you could style your dorm room in. Not only is this site smooth and fast on the major mobile platforms, it's also accessible to WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance on desktop, mobile and tablet.

The site has been featured in AdAge and Creativity Online.

I managed the international development team, took part in the original SWAT team that generated this concept, wrote several parts of the application, managed the infrastructure, and helped push the application through the QA process.

Really allows us to connect to those millennial guests ~ AdAge

Target is making back-to-school shopping personal ~ Creativity Online