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The Volkswagen Unleash Your Rrr project was a new breed of technology for Deutsch. The app records your voice and your face as you imitate the Volkswagen Golf R screaming around the track at top speed. The Deutsch team came up with a set of techniques and technologies in order to break up those sounds dynamically, analyze them, and then assemble some carefully selected video content to match your performance. What you end up with is a customized video complete with your voice with clips of the Golf R screaming around the track that matches your voice, timing and energy.

We used combination of digital signals processing and deep machine learning to analyze your performance. We then stitch together an optimized, YouTube ready video so you can share it out to all your friends. The concept is simple, the UI is extremely animated and engaging, and it's very fun to use. I served as tech lead for the primary feature build, systems architecture, technical documentation, video pipeline and dev team.

There was a very small team for this project and it was a challenging, fun project to build. Take a spin.

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