VW SmileDrive | Deutsch

VW SmileDrive is a way for you and your friends to compile your favorite parts of a road trip you take in your Volkswagen vehicle. The app was designed to capture the moments of a road trip that you don't want to forget, even if it's not a Volkswagen. The app would allow you to capture a cohesive picture timeline of your trip, play 'punch-dub' on the way, and earn badges for driving in certain conditions. The companion website uses many Google Plus, Picasa and Google Maps APIs to render your custom road trip story in a beautiful, responsive interface.

Within 3 months of launch, the SmileDrive application amassed 230,000 drives.

The application and the launch were part of Google's Art Copy and Code Project and a joint venture with Grow.

My responsibility was development of the app's website, animations and consulting on the desktop site companion to the app.